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Powder coating


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Powder coating: finishes


We can offer a wide range of colours, gloss levels and textures from our extensive stock of high quality powders manufactured by the World’s leading powder manufacturers.


We are also approved applicators of the Akzo Nobel P660/D36 Duplex and Triplex Coating System where a guarantee can be issued on approved components.


Most powders in stock are Polyester which have excellent exterior durability and colour retention properties.


Powder coating: applications


Automatic reciprocators


At Custom Wytelyne we use the Rolls-Royce of Automatic Reciprocators, manufactured by Gema.


These sophisticated units ensure a consistent and even coating on components up to 6 metres in length. Our automated system enables large quantities of components to be either coated simultaneously or in sequence dramatically reducing the time required to produce the finished article.


Manual spraying


For smaller items, smaller production runs or complicated assemblies we have the facility to manually spray the items. Whilst being a more economical approach this still ensures a superior quality finish and guarantees the high standards our clients’ demand of us.


Powder Coatings are perhaps one of the most environmentally friendly finishes currently available to industry. No matter which coating system we use, all the overspray is reclaimed and recycled to maintain our commitment to the environment.


Our extensive, well-equipped facility features all the necessary pre-treatment systems together with the latest application equipment and curing solutions to guarantee the long lasting, hard wearing results our customers demand.


From single items through to large batches, whatever our clients requirements are, we deliver a high quality, durable finish at the most competitive prices.


We back this up with a team of people that are dedicated to providing the most friendly, professional and flexible service possible for all our customers.


Serving the whole of South East of England. Powder coating services for Kent, London, Essex, Sussex and surrounding areas.



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Please explore this site further to find out more about our services or simply call one of the team on 01634 819 520 to discuss your particular needs, or, if you prefer, complete an enquiry form or request a quote.




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