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Radiant heat


Our on line gas fired Radiant Heat oven is used for the most efficient curing of powders applied to aluminium profiles and sheet.


The process, which is similar to Infra-Red, rapidly heats the surface of the powder thereby curing the powder without necessarily heating the core of the substrate which saves valuable energy.



Camel Back Oven


Here again, we are looking for high curing efficiency through our gas re-circulating convection ovens. The Camel Back design allows multi colours to be cured simultaneously without the fear of cross contamination. This gives more capacity which means faster turnaround.


The design of the oven also allows for heavier and bulkier items than the on line oven above. This oven is monitored to give accurate back-tracking on the time and temperature of any particular job.



Box Oven


Our box oven is used for special curing of items requiring individual attention to either time or temperature, e.g. very delicate or bulky items.


Full time and temperature read-outs are kept by our Quality Control should conformance certificates be required.





The calibration of our ovens is checked every 6 months.


We monitor our ovens and equipment constantly throughout the curing cycle to guarantee that the perfect results are achieved every time.


The curing temperature and time is critical to the success of the finished product and as such is one of the most critical factors in the powder coating process. Our monitoring equipment not only monitors the ovens externally but also travels through the ovens with the job to record the temperature and conditions that the workpiece is experiencing so that we can confirm that the conditions are correct for the material and its' coating.



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