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Custom Wytelyne selects the latest generation Optiflex2 Stirrer unit to deliver the ultimate in powder coated finishes!


Optiflex2 stirrer unit


Key parameters:


° The ultimate application for challenging powders

° Superb finish quality with reduced costs

° Consistent, repeatable coating results


Custom Wytelyne have been providing customers with unrivalled quality of service, finish and durability for over a quarter of a century. Established since 1984 and located in Chatham, Kent, Custom offer premium quality powder coated finishes to both internal and external metal and aluminium products.


Managing Director Mr Martin Gould explained “we are perfectly placed to offer a first class service to customers across the South East, we pride ourselves on the quality and service not only of our own stringent standards, we are also accredited with ISO 9001."


Mr Gould continued, “Gema have supplied us various units over the years, we do like to stay ahead of the market, we have been looking for the ultimate solution for difficult to spray powders and contacted Christopher Rate the Manual Unit Sales Manager for Gema to seek out the best solutions. Chris had suggested the new OptiFlex2 S “stirrer” unit; the impact of this unit was noticeable straight away.”


“Quality is the driving force at Custom Wytelyne, it is paramount that we are turning out premium quality, as well as the quality improvements, we have also benefited from an increase in powder coverage, with a box of powder is going much further.”


The new control unit gives constant and easy to read feedback for our operator, this helps when spraying so adjustments are easy and can be controlled precisely; the PCC mode is delivering outstanding results with metallic powders.


The new stirrer has some unique advantages compared to the standard box unit, the hopper is so easy to clean and of course cross contamination or any air borne particles are minimised, important for the majority of our powders and components. The purge valve is unique and has come in handy for some metallic powders during the spraying process. The lay down of the powder appears to be much better and flatter than previously”.


Mr Gould has purchased and used many different powders over the years including high cost metallics, and Custom Wytelyne were the first approved applicator of a Zinc Rich Primer system in the UK.


The issues with difficult to fluidise powders and achieving consistent lay down have been significantly improved with the new OptiFlex2 S, delivering the ultimate in coating results. Combining the quality and efficiency improves from the new gun made the decision easy for Custom Wytelyne to upgrade to the latest technology.


The new OptiFlex ® 2 range puts the world’s most advanced manual powder coating technology in the palm of your hand. Spray all powder coating materials with ease, coat complex geometries with outstanding efficiency and quality and do it all in the most challenging environments – anywhere on the planet.



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